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@Carl Love 



I asked Tech Support about this on 12/13.2023. Their reply:

"We've asked the Maple R&D teams to investigate what is causing the until repetition condition to behave differently than the other repetitions on your worksheet. We'll let you know what they find.  "

Case #: 00150534.

Please submit a bug report.

Tom Dean

@Carl Love

> expr := LambertW(x) * exp(LambertW(x))

>while testeq(expr-x) do print("while") end do ## does not print

>do print("while") until testeq(expr-x)

Error, cannot determine if this expression is true or false: FAIL

@Carl Love 


I asked Tech Support to look into the difference in handling of while and until.

Tom Dean

@Thomas Dean 

> plot(x^4-10*x^2+1) works on Windows 10 Maple 2022.2 with the same build number as my Linux version.

Can someone try this on Ubuntu 22.04 and Maple 2022.2?

plot(x^3-10*x^2+1) should work and plot(x^4-10*x^2+1) should produce an error message.


Maplet is the popup window that displays the plot.


I finally uploaded a worksheet: Sorry I did not do this earlier.

I started maple by first removing the PATH environment variable. I think this should (mostly) eliminate maple picking up something outside maple from my system. Possilby excepting Java???

If I assign plot() to P, it produces an inline plot. I have plot set to use maplets..

> Interface(version)
 Standard Worksheet Interface, Maple 2022.2, Linux, October 23 2022 Build ID 1657361

This is context related: See the last four lines in the worksheet.

> restart
> plot(x^3-10*x^2+1)
works correctly, producing a correct plot in a maplet

> restart
> plot(x^4-10*x^2+1)
produces the error message

from cmaple, this produces the same error message

Tom Dean

Linux, Ubuntu 22.04.

If I start Maple with:

env -i DISPLAY=:0.0 /usr/local/Maple2022/bin/xmaple

it works.

Maybe Maple is using something from my system? I may have scrambled something using apt [install|purge|update]?

Tom Dean


That was a typo - In Maple I used :=.

Tom Dean


I realize the OP used Maple 2023, but, I have Maple 2022.

Content fails when using indet A or m.


How do I eliminate the warning message from Maple 2022?

andmap(t->is(`and`(seq(eval(eq,t),eq=eqs))), soln);
Warning, (in anonymous procedure) `eq` is implicitly declared local

@Carl Love 

Made me think for a while...

It satisfies Maple's requirements that the Matrix elements be 1...m, m=number of coprimes and the labels are the coprimes to n in 1..n-1



Thanks for helping me understand this.


I read the wiki article thinking or order rather than mod n.

sorry for the noise. I seem to do a lot of that lately.

I stumbled on this with the code below. I should have printed ord+1. If  I had done that,
I would not have the problem...

for idx from 1 to 40 do
Mmult := Matrix(idx,idx,(i,j)-> i*j mod (idx+1)):
  Gmult := CayleyTableGroup(Mmult):
  print("group of order ",idx+1," exists");
catch "invalid input":
  ##print("group of order ",idx," does not exist");
end try;
end do:


Gauss Theorem on the existence of cyclic groups of order n in the wiki article
Multiplicative_group_of_integers_modulo_n says:

"The group (Z/nZ)* is cyclic if and only if n is1, 2, 4, p^k or 2*p^k, where p is an odd prime
and k > 0. For all other values of n the group is not cyclic."

Maple says the group (Z/nZ)* of order 12 is Abelian and Cyclic.

Am I doing something wrong?

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