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Dear Dr. Cheb-Terrab,

Thank You very much for Your answer. I run Your worksheet, after testing the points 1 to 4, but the errors in my worksheet are still there.

unprotect, csc, index/FillInitVals, cot, csch, arccoth, open,

  infolevel, arcsin, arctan, march, arccos, ListTools,

  CommandCompletion, arcsech, _savedcompletions,

  debugger/no_output, -, sprintf, coth, arcsec, arccsc, arccot,

  type/local, tanh, PackageManagement, ProcessOptions, arcsinh,

  cos, sin, /, convert/list, Typesetting, convert/global, sec,

  type/typefunc, StringTools, sech, interface, arccosh, tan,

  packages, protect, convert/global/Defaults, cosh, close,

  ExternalCalling, arccsch, arctanh, convert/set, TypeTools, sinh
"C:\Users\wgellien\maple\toolbox\2018\Physics Updates\lib",

  "C:\Program Files\Maple 2018\lib",

  "C:\\Users\\wgellien\\maple\\toolbox\\Google Maps and Geocoding\\lib",
 User Interface: 1362973
         Kernel: 1362973
        Library: 1362973
       MapleIDE: 928330
2019, January 5, 13:32 hours, version in the MapleCloud: unable

   to determine, version installed in this computer: 276

I wiil wait for the next version of Maple.

Thank You very much

W. Gellien

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