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Where is the live example that was attached to this post?
I also noticed that the examples of Maple WWW Net on your website are disappeared too.

Lastly, what are the terms of use of Maple WWW Net?

Super technology! Finally, Maple worksheets can be worthily presented in the web.


The plot in the above example is not shown in the Internet Explorer.
I see infinity loader instead.

I checked official examples on your website and found that 3D graphics do not work in IE anymore.


In the Getting Started guide I found the Notice block that states that only Chrome, FireFox and Opera can open your worksheets without any additional steps. To view the worksheets in Safari and Internet Explorer, you should change the extension from .mw to .xml.

Probably, if you try to change the extension, your worksheet will work in your Safari.
I just tried that on my Mac machine and everything seems to work fine.


I have just read your FAQ page and still have the following questions:

1. Can I use Maple WWW on my university personal page?
2. The FAQ states that the app can be used for non-commercial purposes and by non-profit organizations.
   In the meanwhile, the main page of the app states that Maple WWW is provided for demonstration purposes only.

   So, can I use Maple WWW right now as the FAQ states?



Thank you very much for so quick update. Works like a charm. F5 app updating is great :)

I tested the technology on FireFox 28.0, Chrome 34.0, Opera 20.0.
Everything works fine. The only I noticed is that plots in FireFox are not correctly placed.

I also tried the Maple WWW in some of my MW files and have no problems with running and editing in Maple 17.

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