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@Carl Love 

Thank you for your response. Please,how do I go about it? 

@stefanv thank you so much. I really appreciate. 


Thank you for the reply, I just tried the instruction but the problem is how to apply it to my case. For example, for this iteration


x[0]:=1; x[1]=5;

for n from 1 to 10000 do

x[n+1]:=x[n] + x[n-1];

end do

How do I apply these here, please help. 


@Kitonum Thank you so much! It works. 


Thank you so much for these. It works! 

@Kitonum thanks

@Kitonum Yes. Is it possible to display the names with the output? 

N:= 300

for i from 0 by 1 to N do

      x[i+1] = A •b + C 

end do


Where A is a square matrix, b and C are column matrices.


Thank you for your response. 


No, My output are column matrices, resulting from my computation. 

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