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I study psychology and economics with a very quantitative approach to each. I specialised on statistical methods, quantitative diagnostics, portfoio analysis and econometrics. Furthermore I am interested (and above that theoretically and empirlcally involved) in poker, chess and performing arts.

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E.g. I have five solutions from former computations i.e. k1..k5, some of which are common expressions, some are multiple solutions and some are just nothing, because Maple was not able to compute it.

Now I try the following:


for i from 1 to 5 do

subs(x = a, k||i):

end do;


That won´t work, because Maple realizes, that some of the k||i expressions are no expressions.

Now I think of inserting a boolean-check such as:



for i from 1 to 5

while type(k||i, t) do

Ok, here is what I tried to do:


X3 := RandomVariable(Binomial(n, p)):

k3 := n*(phi+ln(-1/(-exp(phi)+exp(phi)*p-p)))/phi;



When I do this, I receive an error message: "Error, (in algsubs) no variables appearing rationally in pattern".

I did the following:


CRRA := t->((t)^(1-rho))/(1-rho);
X1 := RandomVariable(Geometric(q));
assume(t::integer, 0 < rho, rho <> 1, 0 < q, q < 1);

As result I get a formula, where Maple defines _t0 (as far as I can see in italic font).

But why does Maple do so, and what does this mean?


Thx for answering.

I checked some formulas and realized, that my Maple version simply has no representation for some Greek symbols e.g. delta or epsilon, though it can print alpha, beta, gamma, xi omega. So if I type 'delta*alpha', Maple just prints 'alpha' though it calculates 'delta*alpha'.

Does anyone of you have any idea why this is the case, or even better, how I can change that?

Btw.: My version is 'Maple 12.0'.



This one is rather simple. Anyway I do not get the right way to do it.

I´d like to redefine showassumed and set it to zero.

Can anyone give me an example how to do it?


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