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I am debugging a Maple program (and I cannot contact its author). Allegedly, the program ran under some old version of Maple, but it does not run under my Maple 2015 or Maple 9. I am trying to make it run under Maple 2015. I found a place where the program does not do what it is expected to do, but don't know how to make it do what I want:-)

I inserted a DEBUG statement at some place in the program, and the debugger window opens when the program comes to that statement. I execute  the following statement in the debugger:  traperror(Groebner:-NormalForm(g,AA,matermorder)); if I get some benign result, such as 0, I push "continue" in the debugger, and the program runs until it gets to the DEBUG statement again. I repeat these two operations several times until the traperror statement gives the following: polynomials must be members of the algebra" (my comment: only one quotation mark).

So I would like to amend the program to process the exception differently from how it is done now, but I don't know how to get access to the result of the traperror statement. For example, when I am trying to execute the following operators in the debugger: adebug:= traperror(Groebner:-NormalForm(g,AA,matermorder));adebug; , I only get the following diagnostics: Warning, extra characters at end of parsed string  So I don't understand what adebug contains and how I can introduce some logic based on the contents of adebug to handle the exception differently.

I suspect I am missing something simple due to my lack of experience with Maple. I tried to put the result of traperror into a parse statement, but did not get any satisfactory results.


Thank you 

In the right bottom corner of the Maple window, there is data on Time, Bytes, and Available. My task is supposed to perform computation, however the Time data reached the value of 33393.1 s (about 9 hours) and is not being updated (the value does not increase) anymore for at least half an hour. Is this normal or does it mean that something is wrong with my computation process? Windows Task Manager indicates that CPU Usage is 100% and mserver uses about 40-50%. The procedure I use (diffalg(04), Rosenfeld-Groebner) is such that I have no idea how much time the task will require.

Thank you

Sorry if this question is trivial, but my search for an answer was not a success.

I get diagnostics [Length of output exceeds limit of 1000000]. This is what is expected, and I expect to get this diagnostics quite often. I know how I can increase the limit (Tools->Options->Precision), but I wonder how I can compute the length of the output using some Maple function, so that I don't need to determine the required limit by the try-and-error method each time or keep the limit very high and get output that I don't need (I know how to switch off output of an operator completely).

Thank you

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