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@Preben Alsholm Thanks a lot, Your answers help me a lot to find a numerical solution for these system of PDEs.

Really, i am very grateful to you.


@Preben Alsholm 

By choosing the parameter eta<<1. the program gives a good resluts.

I would like to knew how to draw the resluts in three dimension (function, x,t).

@Preben Alsholm Thanks for your reply.

By change the function R(x,t) to its derivatives in x. It works.

But, These equations has a physical meaning and change is not possible here.

@tomleslie : Here is the new image. All the quantities in the matrices are defined.


Here is the Image for the error........

@Kitonum I'm very grateful for you

@Kitonum Thanks Kitonum.

Could you tell me waht are you doing when the displacements are functions of x or y

@Mac Dude This problem is a part from a long file. I can not separate this part because it depends on the pervious parts

@rlopez Thanks for your answer. I'll try to do

@Joe Riel Thanks for all.

The integral must be there, that is a closed path for the integral. But,  I want to calculate the integral at each point at the line connected the point [0,2Pi].

@Thomas Richard 

Dears Thomas.  it works well for this simple exampe.   but if we take




the resluts contain polylog funtion  where the summation for these series are well defined.

also, if i take the following series

sum((-1)^n * sinh(Pi*n/a*y)*sin(Pi*n/a*x)/(n^3 * sinh(n*Pib/a)),n=1..infinity), what is the sitiuation.

I do this now,  waiting the program run

I do this now,  waiting the program run

Thank you for your notice but the problem is different here. Before on 13 jan 2013 the problem is technical with program and it solved.

But now the file is so large and contains a lot of system of equations and my Ram is 2 Giga, the program is working and when it reaches to 1370 M or more, it stops.

I want to use the virtual memory for the computer.

@Carl Love 

Ok finally  X=M^-1 * A^T*B       This is a typing mistake

The original problem is still found

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