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Hello Dear,

I have the following equation

 This equation is satisfied if the coefficients are zero.

So I need an order in Maple to write that



Greeting for all 

 , How to plot gyroid surface by Maple where its equation is 



Dear All

I want to plot A long rod with length L and its cross-section is a rectangle

 Dear All, If I have a square with lenght b and width 2a

.The question is how can I make Maple plot this square as points

.I want to define a function f(x_[i],y_[i]) for all sides.


Hello, everybody,

If I had the graph of a function just like plot(sin(x), x=-2..2)

The question is I want to plot this function is discrite form    by the pair of points (x[i], sin9x[i]) and i=1...N, where N is an integer number

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