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@Carl Love 

Maybe I am just not looking at the graphs correctly. I agree the question I am being asked to perform is a bit vague as well. Hence why I have been having such difficulty with this. :-/

I have attached the question as a file. 

I don't understand how to demonstrate both a 2d and 3d rendering that fully explains this


I guess the question is asking for a 2d and 3D representation of F along the curve r(t). 

I forgot to attach the

Thank you everyone who helped me with this! I was forgetting the view part of the command!

@Carl Love 

I want it to look like this 

Image result for paraboloid 

instead of like this 



I want to start by saying thank you for helping me with this. I have such difficulty with the harder coding in Maple. 

As for the question about planes versus lines, I would like to create a 3D depiction of the contour lines so that when it is rotated it will look like the 2D rendering.


Thank you for taking the time to inform me of this change. Do you know how to go about making a 3D contour plot with a certain number of planes? 

@acer even with correcting typeset it still says "the circle 4x^2+9y^2=contourvalue



Thank you very much for replying and helping me with this problem! I hope one day, Maple will get easier for me. 


I am having an issue plotting the point, the vector from an arbitrary point on the plane to the given point and the normal.


P1 := x + 2*y + 2*z = 13;
                    P1 := x + 2 y + 2 z = 13
S := map(solve, {P1}, z);
plot3d(S, x = -14 .. 14);

This gave me the plane but I have no idea how to get the point, the vector from the plane to the point, and the n vector.

@Kitonum Thank you! How did you learn how to do this?


The top graphical depiction was exactly what I meant! I am so sorry for the vague question.


Thank you for the helpful response!

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