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I have tried it and found it very handy for customizing your plots interactively. It's really a major and essential step forward. But I don't use it very often because I seldom need just a fixed plot. There are normally at least several parameters in the expressions that I want to vizualize and Explore is, therefore, my favourite command :)

Looking forward to the extension of functionality of the new interactive PlotBuilder to support interactive plots and animations!     


Do you think they plan to add support for interactive plots and animations to the new interactive plot builder? The old Maplets-based Interactive Plot Builder will then be removed most likely..


Just great. Many thanks!


I would be most grateful for such a code fragment and a few words on how to make that initialization file. I am used to that way of building interactive plots and those are the most useful feature of all of Maple for my modest needs! :) Other people might also welcome that option back in the context menu/panel, so that they won't have to type/remember plots:-interactive command. 

@Kitonum 10841 

Yes, I know. I was wondering about the mouse-driven way to make that command without typing it manually.

@J Rod

Converting the "infected" lines to 1D and then back to 2D with the context menu (possibly fixing some errors in the 1D statement) helps to get rid of the error without having to retype everything afresh.   

@Carl Love 

Why do many users prefer 1D input??? Is it because 2D is not generally reliable enough? Complex formulas are a great deal more readable in 2D, so personally I like it much better than 1D.

@Carl Love 



When the error appears you can sometimes get rid of it by converting your input to 1D and back to 2D via the context menu. I also found that  Error, incorrect syntax in parse: `;` unexpected (near 4th character of parsed string) - is not the only manifestation of this problem. When it starts to happen the errors can be of diverse character and sometimes followed by a crash of Maple. 


plot(cos(x), x = 0 .. 2*Pi);
Error, unable to parse 'mverbatim'


I confirm that the parsing bugs in question do come up sometimes in Maple 2016.1, x64. You can try the file attached to this question:

It is not clear to me when and how it starts to happen but it does from time to time. Not easy to replicate though..  


Thanks again, acer! Your suggestion about a grid of exploration items is just marvelous. I'll be happy to see it implemented. For my needs Explore is by far the most usefull command of all of Maple! :)


Thanks, I'll keep that in mind.

@Mikael Hakman

The problem in your example seems to be not in two variables but in the same name of the function you define as that in the solution. If you change the name rhs works fine (but not as efficiently as unapply  as we learned :)

@Carl Love 

@Doug Meade

Thanks for the comment! I see that "u:=t->rhs(dsolve(...))" is inefficient. How about this:

a:=dsolve(....); u:=t->rhs(a)

Is it better or still the same? (for the case of 1D function, of cause)



Thanks again! This solves my problem completly. Actually, I also discovered that a combination of zrange and scaletorange can produce sort of what I wanted but I didn't understand the interplay between the two options and had to use them randomly. It is all much clearer now!


@Markiyan Hirnyk 

Many thanks for your prompt replies! Apart from surfdata, plot3d with those options works as good as densityplot. If only I could control its size and aspect ratio as easily as of densityplot (with size=[..., ...] option), I would hardly need the latter at all.


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