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thank you very much


thank you very much


yes, I mean

@mmcdara thank you very much

@Carl Love thank you very much.for example how can find the deravative of t for A:= matrix[[u1(x,y,t),u2(x,y,t)],[v1(x,y,t),v2(x,y,t)]] in maple without without specifying values u1,u2,v1,v2

@Mariusz Iwaniuk Thank you very much

@Joe Riel I used maple 2017 

@Jioe Riel

In y-axis all negative decimal number such as y=-0.5 is wrtten as y=0.5-

how can chang this error

@Kitonum thank you very much

@Kitonum thank you very much

@tomleslie thank you very much

@tomleslie thank you very much for help me, this vector for example.

how can chang x-axis  for example 0<x<10

and how can  rotete drawing ( the drwing becomes horizontal) in maple

@tomleslie thank you very mach, i need xv:=0..1(xv:=0, 0.25,0.5,0.75,1),

, i need save data as table 5*5 , can i save this data as table in latex?

@Joe Riel

this program 

1- how can save data as table 9*9 or save as file (.data)?

2- how can draw this data as plot?

@tomleslie thank you very much

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