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These are questions asked by becca


Does anyone know how to shade the tails (eg the lower and upper 5%) of a probability density function?


I am struggling with GlobalSolve (in Maple 12) and would really appreciate some help.
The problem is that a non-optimal solution is being found


Does anyone know if it is possible to call winbugs from within maple. You can do this for a number of programs (Stata, R, excel...)




Is there any way to type maple code in an alternative editor and then run it directly in maple? I find the editor in maple a bit of a mess. Particularly the indents, I can only seem to indent by a very large tab and then if code spills over into the next line it starts at column 1 again making for very difficult to read code.

Any suggestions for either linking an alternative editor with maple or improving the indent situation in maple would be very useful.



I know this is petty but it is driving me mad....

In maple 11 if you made a change to character style (via format\ styles\) it used to be saved and remain changed if you closed maple and reopened another day. Now the changed styles only stick for the worksheet in which you made the changes.

How do I make styles stick long term?


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