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I'm pretty new to Maple and am currently trying to figure out this error I have. I tried to load this package via the command: 

read "//Users//boe//Desktop//Maple//MapleFiles//SF.txt"; 

however, I got "Warning, `SF` is implicitly declared local to procedure" in return. I also couldn't call any function defined in the package after running the command (I assume it's because of the local to procedure thing). I looked into the source code, and IF I understand correctly, SF is only used as the name of the package and in the line "SF:=table():". I tried modifying to "global SF:=table():", but it doesn't seem to help. 

I have a friend who ran the same command (with the modification to the reading path) with the original source file, but he had no issue using the package. The only difference is that I'm using Maple 2019 while he's using some older version, so I'm assuming version difference is the cause. (or maybe there's some setting to my maple I need to do?)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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