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@Carl Love See this, it's in the left bottom corner.


@Carl Love Yes, I would in general use 'print' if i am debugging, or trying to see if the procedure if running or not.

But in this case, I want a graph to track something that's moving for a long time.

In this case, acer's solution is working just fine. I tried yours, it has repeated plots, which does not update.





@acer That's exacly what I am looking for.


Is that possible to "add on" points, rather than plotting the whole "A" every time it's refreshed?

I am just thinking about reducing the memory usage. If I run a task with 30,000 intermiadite values, which I dont need to keep. It would also take "some" space in the RAM and just become wasted. I have also changed "A" to "local".


Can I put the component as an output from the procedure? That is, just like a result (it does not need to be save to any variable) while running the procedure, until it's finished. I don't like it fixed at a position.

Hopefully, after I run "mytest", the plot pops up, and shows me the same real time plot, and the final result.




@Markiyan Hirnyk Hi Hirnyk,

Sorry that I had only seen this now.

Yes, with the given example. It is for sure it has to optimal points.

As for this quesetion in general, I am trying to simply the target function, so I think it is a good point to stop the discussion now. If I have more question, I will start a new post and try to be more precise.


Many thanks,



@Markiyan Hirnyk Why do you think I reproach you? If in any way you feel that, I am really sorry.

I do appreciate people helping others on the forum. I am aware that people are busy. I am busy as well as a PhD student.


I did excute your file, but there was nothing (for me) to comment on.

I didn't see the result I am hoping to get, even after you made your changes in the file.

The optimization did run, but it did not give me the desired values, see the OP.

And I have pointed out, with(DirectSearch), I dont need to change anything. The problem is just that it does not reach the optimal values.


Regard to your last commment, I believe I did reply. (Edited: SORRY, I just noticed that I did NOT reply to the lastest comment.)



@Markiyan Hirnyk 

As we can see, that after the changes, we are still unable to get the values.

Could you explain why the changes?


with DirectSearch, I dont need to make the changes and it still does not work, see the new sheet attached.

It uses a lot of times and does not return anything (wndows X64, Maple 18). I tried the school sever (linux X64, Maple 17), it stops and says that something about "GC stack limit reached" (garbage  collecting thing?).


So no way to approach this staright away?




@Carl Love That's nice.

But is there a way to keep data as it is (a list). And pass the argument "data", to printf?

The reason is that if I use the above way and change it to evaln, I have to modify every single place in my codes.

For now, i just created a new local variable and assigned it as newvar:=eval(data) to accomodate it the "old data" variable.




@Kitonum Perfect, thanks!

@Carl Love I don't know much about ODEs, and was just browsing Maple primes.

I am a bit confused why (how) would you  think of reducing the accuracy?

And what does the Reduced accuracy answer tell us?


In my experience, sometimes when I got underflow (tooo small) issue, I would increase accuracy, to get something out of it.


Is it a useful thing to explore?

@Alejandro Jakubi

here is what happens

Test file: go.mpl









Windows 7 SP1 X64

In command line (cmd), if I do

cmaple -q go.mpl > results.txt


It has contents, as expected.


When using

start cmaple -q go.mpl > results.txt

It is BLANK.


Again, as I mentioned above, I want to start several maple servers simultaneously to "maximize" the power of my CPU, I found that is the way, i.e. go with "start".

If I only use


cmaple 1.mpl

cmaple 2.mpl

cmaple 3.mpl

in a script (.bat) file, it goes with a single mserver.



@Alejandro Jakubi I am sure that the "true" comes from cmaple (in windows).

The optional parameter -q will produce it. See the picture above.

But anyway, it will not affect a lot. I will just leave it as it is.

My .mpl files has writeto commands and will write my desired results. So I dont need to use ">" to another file.

However, I did test it say the test.mpl file has



when I run the file like

maple test.mpl > result.txt

The file is BLANK.

I assume this is corrent? The result.txt would only record "formated" output, like printf?


@Alejandro Jakubi Yes, I know batch file pretty well.

But just to clarify, what you suggested in linux,

maple a.mpl &
maple b.mpl &
maple c.mpl &

works for me and is what I am expectinig. Without the "&", it still works one by one. (Maybe I am writing it wrong??)


However, in windows

cmaple a.mpl
cmaple b.mpl
cmaple c.mpl

will work BUT it not what I expect. It's excutes one by one.

what works for me is

@echo off

start cmaple.exe a.mpl
start cmaple.exe b.mpl
start cmaple.exe c.mpl

That works simultaneously.


Just to "improve" a bit more, in windows, the above .bat file show the three cmaple window, is there a option to run silently at background?


I now use this

@echo off

start cmaple.exe -q  a.mpl
start cmaple.exe -q  b.mpl
start cmaple.exe -q  c.mpl



to aviod the messages. Is there a way to get ride of the "true" as well?


@itsme I recently had to do something quite similar. This looks very useful!

@Alejandro Jakubi Sorry I am not quite familiar with the term shell script.


Yes, I am running from Windows 7 X64 version. It is like a batch (.bat) file? I think the batch file will run one by one in windows. It's just like running a single line at a time in command line (cmd)?






@Alejandro Jakubi OK. Thanks.

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