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These are questions asked by casperyc

What happened to the graph output?

Just to update a bit to be more specific as what I did.

I have been using Maple since 2007 and never had such problems before 2012, when I did my PhD and switched to Mathematica.

1 - Right clicked on the graph and export to PDF - low quality (not seem like vector graphics)

2 - Print using Adobe PDF Printer from the system - low quality (not seem like vector graphics)

3 - EPS is fine, but WHHHHYYYYY????? Is this a bug??

[code] with(plots): z := x + I*y: inequal([ evalc( abs(z+1-I)    ) <= 1, evalc( argument(z-1) ) <= 3*Pi/4 ], x = -2.0..1.5, y = 0..2.2 , scaling = constrained, transparency = 0, numpoints = 500 ) [/code]

I am not sure how/why, but here is the worksheet.


The function evalutes fine and can be used for sequence. But it does not seem to be working with plot or Maximize.

V is assumed to between 0 and 1.

Need some help.





How do I delete me "Current profile picture"?

I just want to have a look what my "default" picture would look like now?

it seems that I can only update with a new picture, but can never go back to the default setting.






Does not work.





But with some effect,



Could this possibly be improved in the next release?

In this file, I tried my best to solve the pde. But the answer is still rather non-informative. I need some help to simplify it.

I did notice that my Maple might need reinstallation, due to a "bug" in the 18.02 update.


My ultimate aim is try to use some similar techniques to solve this,, which has a similar type pde.


The standard pdsolve(pde) would just not work.



I used the same file in Maple 17 on a differnt Machine, which can be solved by pdsolve. So I guess it's just that  the 18.02 update package is broken itself. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall twice.






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