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What has come to my attention recently is that hardly any american knows about Maple.  They all know Mathematica and Matlab.  This probably brings up the age old discussion about which one is better?  Maple, Matlab or Mathematica?  Not sure I can properly answer that as I have not used Mathematica and being biased as a Canadian I favour Maple. 

Maple can crunch numbers just as well as Matlab can, although Matlab is considered a number crunching warrior but I have to wonder.  Which software would be better for breaking cryptographic codes then?  Maple or Matlab?  Maple being far superior in manipulation but then doesn't it all depend on the power of your computer?  One would have to think they both stand on equal ground in this case but I'm not so sure.  Let's not forget Mathematica, it stands in direct competition with Maple so again I'm sure they all stand on equal footing. 

But if Maple is better at manipulation wouldn't it have the edge and therefore be the better choice?  Maple can't be that far behind Matlab in number crunching is it? 

And since having both Maple and Matlab in your reptoire you probably wouldn't even need to consider Mathematica except for curiosity sake. 

Fortunately, Maple has broken into the auto market at Toyota which put it in the spotlight for many Americans.  Some much needed publicity to shake the american minds off the fact that there exists something other than Mathematica and Matlab. 


Never would have thought of using indets, thanks.

Never would have thought of using indets, thanks.


The list reminds me of what I had to do wayyy back when debugging programs in basic.  Looking for mispelled words, missing brackets..  etc..

All in all thanks for the list. 

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