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The way I find these answers is by expanding the series to find the poles, and then doing something like lim(z->z0) (z-z0)f(z). So if residue is already finding the series, why can't it do that too? And should Maple notice certain conditions, like when some variable must be integers (or real positive, or whatever)?


I get it, you're saying it doesn't do it and is complicated - fine. It's just surprising to me.

@vv "residue connot compute the residue at a pole with symbolic order." is very disappointing. I guess I could do this numerically, by explicitly specifying a contour? Any idea if that would work?

@Kitonum Sure of course there are analytical methods, but why use a CAS if you know a simple formula? This particular example can be done by hand (in the way you suggest, as well as more explicit expansion techniques), but the answer is not what I'm interested in - why can't Maple do this? Why doesn't it know about the derivative technique?

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