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which I was just emailed: We thank you for contacting Maplesoft and we appreciate your comments. The 64-bit Linux distributions that Maple 10 has been tested with, and therefore the distributions that we provide support for, are SUSE 9.0, Red Hat Enterprise 2.1 and Red Hat Enterprise 3.0. For a complete list of currently supported operating systems please refer to our website: We are aware of the changes that have been made to the latest Linux distributions. With these changes in mind we have compiled a list of platforms under which future releases of Maple will be supported: Personal note: dumb list - RHEL 5 - just about to be released - is not supported. Only platforms that support ASSUME_KERNEL=2.4.1 are supported. A big mistake - pretty soon that list is going to be so small as to be laughable. Though we do not officially support Maple 10 running on your chosen distribution of Linux, we do try to offer suggestions to users who wish to try running Maple on these unsupported platforms. The workaround you mention below does appear to have allowed Maple 10 to be installed successfully. However, there is no workaround that will allow you to run the FLEXlm license manager with our maplelmg vendor daemon on Fedora Core 5. You should still be able to run Maple 10 on your machine, but you will need to choose another computer to use as your FLEXlm license manager. Please let us know if you have any further questions.
I also looked at the release notes for RHEL4, which confirms that the old Posix Threads library is still supported (LD_ASSUME_KERNEL relates to the threading model used - in other words, LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.4.1 *is* currently supported in RHEL and FC4), but will be removed in the next release. From the RH website: While support for LinuxThreads still exists for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4, this statement serves as advance notice that Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 will no longer include support for LinuxThreads. Therefore, applications that require LinuxThreads support must be updated before they will be able to work properly on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 system. In otherwords, Maple 10 will *not* function on current releases of Fedora, and won't on the next release of Redhat Enterprise (biggest copororate player on the block). Time for Maplesoft to cut the chord on the 2.4.1 kernel, and compile for 2.6.x Otherwise...
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