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So I tried to unistall.


The uninstall won't run.

It behaves just like when I try and lauch the program.

Nothing happens.


I was about to install over the old one, but once the software loaded it warned that I should unistall the old first.

It warned "doom on me" or something, and strongly suggested that I not install again without uninstalling.


Anybody have any ideas.







Windows firewall is disabled.


I will try to reinstall although that will be a pain, unless someone can suggest another possible fix.






I don't think this is the problem becuase I am not using a software firewall.

My firewall is on a router external to my computer.




Sorry I forgot to mention Maple 11.02 Thaanks, Dgiznya
Check the display command in the help. This is useful for multiple curves. You can do things like....

Maple Equation

Maple Equation

Maple Equation

Maple Equation

Maple Equation

Maple Plot

Maple Equation

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I did the same thing. MathCAD support is pathetic, and MAPLE is a very nice product. Anyway.... I did the conversions on my files by hand. While this seems like a big time sink, there is actually a learning curve when starting to use MAPLE(I am still learning for sure)as compared to MathCAD. One think that entering the files by hand allowed me to do was to learn Maple syntax, by sheer repetition. dg
Thanks for the code snipet Dave restart: combine( 7*Unit(kg)/(Unit(m)*Unit(s)^2), units ); Units[AddSystem]( NewSI, Units[GetSystem](SI), torr ); Units[UseSystem]( NewSI ); combine( 7*Unit(kg)/(Unit(m)*Unit(s)^2), units ); This will be very useful for me. I need to play around more with customizing units I guess. dgiznya
I don't have an answer, but I posed a similar question a while back but did not get an answer. My question was.... If I have not changed any of the options on a vanilla install, are there options somewhere that govern when a numeric answer will be converted to scientific notation? for example if I take 1/10 , 1/100, 1/1000, 1/10000 at what point will the answer be displayed as 1x10^x ? lets assume that it diplays .1, .01 ,.001, 1x10^-4 now I know that 10^-4 is the threshold. Is this threshold an option? Can it be changed in preferences? What if I want all my numeric answers in Scientific notation? Is this something that I can change? Thanks, dgiznya
There must have been something that crapped up the document sheet that was causing it not to work, because it worked fine on a clean document just not on the one I was currently in. Sorry for the trouble. Thanks, dgiznya
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