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@acer What purpose does "evala" serve here?

@acer I do know that combining your mentioned commands sometimes effectively improves the outcome, but that the difference is so huge as in this example were simplify completely fails surprises me. Do you have more examples?

@acer At least it means that polylog was "touched". I don't really want to fight about it, but it is probably a bug, that will be fixed in a future update?

@acer https://www.mapleprimes.com/questions/226254-Polylog-Vs-Dilog

@acer Not all, but Maple2019 advertised for a big overhaul of simplifications like this, didn't it?

@acer Weren't things like this supposed to be fixed with version 2019 ?

@vv Sorry you are right. I mixed it up with

`assuming`([simplify(expand((coth(x)^(1/3)-tanh(x)^(1/3))^2+4))], [x > 0])

@vv Maple2019? With 2015 this does not work at all..

@Christopher2222 Thanks, but generally this does not work. Try this one

`assuming`([simplify(combine((coth(x)^(1/3)-tanh(x)^(1/3))^2+4, trig))], [x > 0])

@acer Windows10 + Maple2019

@acer Thanks!

How do I get the inline answer as in ctrl+= ?

@acer Ok thanks. That's unfortunate.

@acer Thank you. Can you also try the second example "for general a"?

So is it working now with 2019?

@vv Nonono...The answer was not useless since you reminded me about algcurves:-puiseux

I just said that I also "solved" it "manually", and apart from asympt/series/MultiSeries I'm not very familiar with other methods of which there are algcurves:-puiseux , but also else?

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