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Hello people. I tried to plot the graph plot(sqrt(sin(x))/sqrt(cos(x))) and I believe it was wrong. The graph was different from the one my Ti gave. So I went online and check with a third party online grapher: http://www.walterzorn.com/grapher/grapher_e.htm and do some calculation on my own. I believe Maple's was wrong. Any idea? Thanks.
Hi there. How are you? I feel sorry since I purchased Maple. Let see if you would agree. First of all, it is inferior to the Ti-89 in some aspects. I have tried to use Maple 11.02 to solve the problems: (sqrt(2)+1)^x+(sqrt(2)-1)^x = 3; And Maple 11.02 fail to solve, then I tried to solve numerically, it missed one solution. There must be 2 solutions for the problem above and Maple missed 1, the Ti-89 beats it hand down. The second problem I tried was: int(sqrt(sin(x))/(sqrt(sin(x))+sqrt(cos(x))), x = 0 .. (1/2)*Pi); and Maple even stuck... The Ti-89 return answer correctly within about 20 secs.
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