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I'm a little confused with what you are trying to do here and which products you are using?


Are you referring to the desktop version of Maple Player when you say that your app works on the desktop?  Or are you referring to Maple T.A. in the browser on the desktop?


On the iPad the Maple Player app doesn't support (or at least shouldn't) running user worksheets.  It has a very limited support for Maple and can only really work with the bundled worksheets.  How may I ask are you transferring your worksheet to the iPad app?  This feature should be disabled.


Perhaps you are referring to running your app in Maple T.A on the iPad (ie in the browser on the iPad) and are having trouble there?


If you could clarify for me I'd be happy to try to help you out.


Unfortunately, the demo app for plotting functions on the iPad only supports plotting a single function right now.  However this is a great idea for an improvement to that worksheet and we can definitely consider it for a future version.



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