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@Carl Love Many thanks.  This new section helped me to understand what is going on.  Many thanks.

@Carl Love It seems that this last version took care of CM_IsStandard.   I wlll do some more test if there is still a problem, I'll let you know.   Thank you.  

@Carl Love Many thanks.  As usual I need help to understand why you have used identical. 

Below it is your code modified to what I need. 

SaveNames:= (excl::uneval, fname::{symbol, string})->
        _V= remove(
            type, {anames}(user), 
            {procedure, identical(eval(excl, 2)[], eval(excl, 1))}
        proc() save _V, fname; return end proc
Excl:={anames}(user) minus {anames}(procedure); # To avoid typing the variables - far too many variables in a typical example.
                         Excl := {x, y}


SaveNames(Excl, "/Users/eduardo/tmp/V.txt");
read "/Users/eduardo/tmp/V.txt";
                             w := 9

                             z := 7

I have noticed that if I define SaveNames after ExclCM_IsStandard will be saved.  How to avoid that?


Could you also tell me why my proc won't work unless I type Excl?  


@acer Many thanks.  I added style=line to plots:-odeplot in all instances in the worksheet.  It seems to do the trick.  I also use plots:-pointplot3d that shows the same problem.  I thought connect would solve the problem but I had to include style=line. I am not sure if it works in all situations.  I will have to run some tests.  

I will edit my reply to add the commenyts with Array later.

@sursumCorda  Here is part of the code (modified to fit here).

dsnmodel := {diff(x(t), t) = -10*x(t) + 10*y(t), diff(y(t), t) = -z(t)*x(t) + 28*x(t) - y(t), diff(z(t), t) = y(t)*x(t) - (8*z(t))/3, x(0) = 1/10, y(0) = 1/10, z(0) = 1/10};


dsol1 := dsolve(dsnmodel, numeric, method = rkf45, output = procedurelist,range=0..tfinal,maxfun=mf):

fig[1]:=plots:-odeplot(dsol1, [x(t), y(t), z(t)],refine=2,caption="Fig. 1 - Lorenz system",captionfont = ["ROMAN", 20]):
fig[2]:=plots:-odeplot(dsol1, [x(t), y(t), z(t)],refine=2,caption="Fig. 2 - Another system",captionfont = ["ROMAN", 20],color = "SteelBlue"):


Yes, it does when I Print directly.   Yes for PDF export as well. When I choose Open in Preview Maple sends the doc to printer. 

Print Preview = Print layout Mode?   No, it does not. 

Where do I add style-line?  In plots:-odeplot?

@emendes Just an update.   I installed Maple 2023 over the weekend and the problem persists.   

@Carl Love That is weird! Maple 2002.2 on Mac M1 started freezing on Monday for no reason. Most of the time I had  to kill the process related to it.  Maple 2022.2 on Linux did not show the same problem though.  

@acer Many many thanks.   Please correct me if i am worng.  These new fancy ways open a door of  new possibilities.  Suppose I want to find the indices of a list that corresponds to elements less than 9.   Would the following command be efficient for long lists?

[for t,v in eval(T) do `if`(v<=9,t,NULL); end do];

@acer Thank you ever so much.   No problem to understand your solution.   The problem is: why I did not think of that?  If you have the time and patience, please post the fancy ways with comments.  

@Kitonum Many thanks. I think I can follow all the steps of your solution but if you think that there is something that stands out, please let me know.  

@Carl Love Many many thanks.   I have checked the help file on anames and there is nothing that explicitly mention procedure there. It would be helpful if Maple included it there.  

@dharr As I said in my first post to this question,  I use Grid, solve, simplify and subs extensively. What I noticed was that if there is at least one cpu running at 100%, there is a chance that the calculations will end eventually. However if no cpu is at 100%, it is a bug for sure.   I constantly run something overnight or even for days.  

@nm Sorry for taking so long to post the results.  I tried with 300, 500 and 700 and time results were 25896.743, 22570.095 and 24704.806 respectively.  In all the runs the output was always "Timed out OK".  

Now I will try with 2000 and see what happens.   I forgot to mention that I am using Maple 2021.2 for mac intel.   

@nm First of all thanks for posting such a question.   I must confess I don't understand how timelimit actually works.  In the example you sent my old mac had no problem to run the code: "Time out ok" in 120.736 (quite close to twice the estipulated time) . However when I use timelimit with subs, simplify and solve alongside Grid:-Map or Grid:-Seq, I have no idea how it behaves.  I have one example that runs solve 11165 times with timelimit set to 5.   I am not sure the calculations will end since it has been running for more than a day (Grid:Seq sent out "done sending all partitations" last night).  What seems odd to me is that none of the cpus are at 100%, at least one of them should.   In another example,  Maple has been running for a week (at least in this case I see that one cpu is running at 100% all the time).

(!) never worked for me in the examples I have.   The only solution is "Quit Maple 2022" or "Force quit".   

Finally, I totally agree with what you said in the last two paragraphs.   

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