I have a degree in Mathematics and Physics from the Danish University Aarhus, comparable to a masters degree with thesis - majoring in Mathematics. In 1991-92 I was a visting scholar at UCLA, Los Angeles, following graduate courses in Applied Mathematics. Since 1992 I have been a teacher in a high school (gymnasium) in Denmark. Special interests: Applied mathematics, graphics and popularizing Mathematics.

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I have now used quite some time trying to find out how to display an isotope in Maple in 2D-math notation. In He-4-2 I want the nucleon (or mass) number 4 to stay as a superscript, but to the left of He, and the proton number 2 as a subscript also to the left of He. How can this be done in Maple in 2D-math notation? I hope someone can help.

Erik V.

Dear Maple Users

I am still pretty new to Maple. I know it is possible to plot a set of x-values against a corresponding set of y-values, like:

> plot([[0,3], [1,7], [5,14], [6,17]])

but how is it done more conveniently? I mean, if I want to import data from another program and I have copied the data from two columns to the clipboard, how do I plot the first column against the second?

Regards, Erik V.


Dear Maple users

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