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These are questions asked by farzane

dear all


how do i do for deletion of some columns? example:


change to this: A:=Matrix([[1,2],[4,5]]).


i have a Matrix 8*12 and i want change it to 8*8


plz help me.

daer all

how can i calculate eigenvalue and eigenvectors for a big Matrix?

example Matrix 12*12.


thank you

 @Carl Love @Markiyan Hirnyk 


i have this Matrix: A:=Matrix([[Matrix[[a,b],[c,d]]], [Matrix[[e,f],g,h]] ])

i want this Matrix change to: A:=Matrix([[a,b,e,f],[c,d,g,h]])


help me plz

thank you

dear all





i want to plot y[a],y[b],y[c] vs x.

plz help me.

thank you 


dear all


how Matrix(2, 2, [a,b,c,d]) change to:

a b

c d  

without [] !



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