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@acer thanks. Weird though, as in the document sheet mode I don't need to specify the *. Thanks again!

Hi @Doug Meade thanks for your reply. 

When I'm given an ODE during an exercise I need to perform some calculations in order to solve it. Say, if the ODE is solved by separating variables, unless it is a very basic one I would usually have to perform some algebraic manipulation to get the dx with the x and dy with the y and so on. Once all this stuff is completed then I integrate both sides of the equation and I'm done. 

What I would like to see is these steps, especially because sometimes I'm not sure what method to apply, and then compare the results with what I, to see if I'm right or made a mistake. 

The following site: https://www.integral-calculator.com/ does something similar to what I want, but for derivatives and integrals. It was amazing for me, and I learned a lot from this sites. Usually the books will solve the easiest trivial cases themselves so it is hard to follow with the exercises without a tutor to guide you. This site was a huge boost for me when I was reading about derivatives and integrals. For ODEs, the folks at symbolab.com do an interesting attempt. However for many of the examples I tried there I got the result "ODE does not have a solution" or somesuch. So I figured I should invest in a more advanced tool, and was under the impression that Maple was my option. After all, if those free/cheap tools do it, I thought a full blown CAS would be far better. It seems I was mistaken, as I have been told (in Maple and Stackexchange forums) that Maple cannot present step by step solutions, that sometimes I need to tweak my equations so that Maple can understand them better (which means I need to know beforehand how to solve the equation), and even the Analysers only work if you already know what to do, so you tell Maple how to solve them. So it seems Maple is not the tool for me. 

@Kitonum I am doing it by myself but I have no one to point me out if I make a mistake. Basically, no one tells me if the exercise is good or bad. So I thought Maple would help: I do the exercise then see if my answers and method check Maple's. 

@Kitonum Hi, thanks for your reply. Why is this "help" needed? http://integral-calculator.com/ doesn't need any help, is Maple not advanced enough to figure this out? How do I know when I need to provide these "helps"? Furthermore, since I'm learning (without a tutor or teacher I can fall back to), how am I supposed to know what tecniques to use beforehand? Or is Maple only suitable for graduated students? Thanks in advance!

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