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Maple Professionals: I imported a 331*17 matrix from a csv file with the help of the import assistant. Now I wish to take the summ of all rows so that I should get a 331*1 matrix. I attempted this with the following code: for i to 331 do DCdemand[i] := sum(Demand[i, j], j = 1 .. 17) end do; However, I then get the Error, "Matrix index out of range. I would be extremely grateful if someone could help me on this issue. Thanks in advance, Frederik
Hello everybody, In the following code I wish to print a 6*N table. When I let the array run from 1..5 everything works fine. However I wish to run it from 0..5 as shown below. Once I do so the output looks completely messed up. Whats the matter with starting the array from 0? > mu := 'mu': > mu := array(0 .. 5, 1 .. N): > for n to N do > for S from 0 to 5 do > mu[S, n] := lambda[n]*baseleadtime[S] > end do; > end do; > print(mu); THX in advance.. Fred
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