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Hello everybody,

I have this equation J:

> J := Matrix(2, 6, [[j41, j42, j43, j44, j45, j46], [j51, j52, j53, j54, j55, j56]]);

it's a 2 times 6 matrix made with the results of other equation, each one of those small j's are long analytical terms.

Later I want to generate a Matlab code of J using this:

> Matlab(J, resultname = "j4", output = "file.m", optimize);

I use the optimize code at the end because then I avoid getting...


I would like someone to help me with this issue I have.

First after some operation I found the following equation:

> m := (x(q))^2 + x(q)

and then I'm creation a function like this:

> eq := q -> m

but then maple is not substituting the equation m inside the function I created, how can I do that, I must work with functions this way and I'll be working with bigger equations but I don't want to copy/paste or type them into the function.

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