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MacDude posted a worksheet for creating help files using the makehelp command that I found very useful.  However, his worksheet created a table of contents that organized the command help pages under a single folder.  I wanted to create a help file table of contents with the commands organized into sub-folders under the main application folder. ie. Package Name,Folder Name, command. The help page for makehelp is not very informative; in particular the example that shows (purportedly) how to override the existing help pages with your own help file is very misleading.  Also, the description of the parameters to the browser option of the makehelp command is too vague. I needed an error message to tell me that the browser option expects parameters in the form List(Name,String).  In the end, I was able to get a folder/sub-folder structure using a structure [`Folder Name`,`Subfolder Name`,"Command"].  Sub-folders are sorted alphabetically. If anyone has a need, the attached worksheet shows how I created the table of contents structure. 


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