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Hi acer,


Thank you for your reply. 

I Have G= x*y and 8695*y ~ = 1341*y . G is a HUGE integer

and to code in rsa x and y must be prime number and integer.

So iam looking for x and y using maple.

Thank you





Thank you it works.


Hi Carl,

Thank you for your answer, so the equation eqns := {G = x*y, 8695*y = 1341*x }; and G is a Big integer 

and the result i got is after evalf(solve(eqns, [x, y])) is something like  [[x = 4.43838*10^60, y = 1.43825043*10^60]]

I want to get x and y as integer and be at the same time be prime number.

Best regards




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