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I feared that might be the case after the first replies.

Thank you all vey much for the help though

Best Regards, Jens

Hello and thank you for your reply

I have attached the same file as a .zip file.

The has not been downloaded, I created it and stored in my desktop folder. I am afraid I do not have any "working" backups. I copy it previosly to a dropbox folder, but I think the problem had already occured by then, as that file is unable to open as well.

I am sort of suspecting that somehow the file may have gone corrupted, and somehow lost all content? I think I had written a good 8-10 pages worth of content (many pictures though). 

Below here is a .zip file of the backup. I am afraid however that the files are identical.


I am sorry, I do not know how to export as plain text in any other formats that .txt, in which there is no other writing than that of my own. 

I greatly appreciate the help, thank you very much

Best regards, Jens

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