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Yeah, I guess I should have included my worksheet, so here it is: View 5779_satellite.mw on MapleNet or Download 5779_satellite.mw
View file details. The first 5 variables at the top are the angle I am trying to work back to with their actual values, I have them commented because in the system I am solving I will not have these angles exactly. The next 30 variable will be known, so I am allowing them to be defined. If you want the full equations with no substitution of known varibles, just uncomment the restart; after the variables. I will also include a text file with the expanded version of the coeffecients that are sorted nicely. Download 5779_CWSat3Top[1][Link12Angle,Link23Angle].txt
View file details The next equation is defining a rotation matrix for a given alpha, beta, and gamma. I am giving this equation a vector as an input. By the way, if anyone knows how to define this so maple does not think it is ambiguos, so it will just define it, I would like to know. The system is a ring of 10 objects where every other object as your move around the circle can rotate about the axis of the previous object. There are 10 points defined in the system, where the first and last are rigidly constrained in space. The next section of the worksheet defines the vectors in space dependant on the needed angles, moving clockwise around the system. The third section does the same thing, but conterclockwise around the system. The fourth section does the vector addition to get to the 10 points for both clockwise and counterclockwise. The system should be able to be solved for any of the points, but the easiest equations to work with are thoes in the center. I have commented out all the equations that are not needed to get to the equations I would like to solve for, because when you get to the end of the loop, the equations are huge and take my computer a long time to generate. If you want to see them, just uncomment and solve. The last line of the worksheet shows that there is a solution when bounded to the +/- 20 degrees, but if you change the range to 0 to 2pi it will solve, but for a different solution. If it listed all combinations, I have ways to eleimante the incorrect ones, but this still dosn't help me get away from using the higher functions for solving. Like I said before, I need to be able to solve from scratch using C++. I hope this enough information for you!
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