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@Joe Riel The eval equation returns the same floats for me, yes. But my graphs just show this ^


my code that makes this is below, the same one I've been doing. I've tried different parameters but I still don't get anything


plots[odeplot](sol, [x[1,1](t), x[1,2](t), x[1,3](t)], t=0..20, numpoints=1000, axes=normal;


I want it to look something like this, or with at least some straight vector lines or something



The same code produced this picture for my friend

HHHsolarsysem.mw @Joe Riel You are a saint. That made all my errors go away. but the plots don't show anything. My friend said it might be because my time is in seconds? I didn't even know I was doing that. But the plot doesnt show any lines besides the 3 axis, its just empty on my comp. Is this a time parameter issue, or a vector issue? How can I get results on the plot.

I attatched my new worksheet using your methods.

Thank you so much again.

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