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I don't have any idea what algorithm it uses, but it seems to rely on the direction in which the stroke occurs. I've never been able to get it to consistently recognize symbols and I've been thinking that this could be why. For example, if you draw a lowercase alpha starting from the top Maple consistently recognizes it, start from the bottom and it will never recognize it. Same thing for capital sigma. Lowercase sigma must be started from the more medial endpoint. For many characters I think that there is a clear direction, but for equally many, if there is a clear direction I don't know it. For example, how do you draw a lowercase gamma? Which do you draw first, the short line or the long line? Do you start from the upper endpoints or the lower ones? I couldn't figure this one out, no matter how I draw it Maple won't recognize it. I don't know the algorithm which it used, but I suspect that Maple's recognition would work much better if it was made insensitive to the direction and order in which each stroke occurs. Unfortunately, as is, I've found that it's too unreliable for it to be too useful.
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