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in this case use the read command inside maple, see help


windows doesn't know that this is a maple input file and gets confused. you must run maple as I described with the name of the input file you want to process. 

@Brian P Hanley 

Not sure but the matrix should be gone after M:=evaln(M) if I understand evaln correctly. 

Could also try


Help system on unassign gives matrix as example.

@The function 

I answered the question you gave and believe thats the answer the book wanted, @vv and @Carl Love can debate the problem with different values of the matrix A.


Yes Im looking at inverse problem and jets has a simple command for this (lagrangian) and automatically checks Helmholtz conditions and gives error if they are not satisfied as expected. I just cant work out the syntax of the command. Since this is what I must study I will continue to try different syntax till it works.

Thank you.


Thank you for comments. I loked at CalculusOfVariations, it works our E-L equation like variation command in jets. It doesn't do inverse problem like lagrangian command in  jets.

JetCalculus package also does E-L equation but not inverse problem.

I think this is a correct summary.

@Rouben Rostamian  


Thank you, thats great.


Thank you for the comment. I will rethink this.

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