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Jon recently completed a PhD in Theoretical Physics at the University of Birmingham, UK. He has a keen interest in Educational Technology with a focus on the application of computer based algebra systems for creating engaging learning resources. Jon first worked with Maple T.A. at the University of Birmingham, where he trained a team of staff and interns to write STEM based questions for deployment across the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences. Jon's time is currently split between his role as the Maple T.A. Development Manager at the University of Birmingham and as a Maple T.A. specialist for Maplesoft.

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If I understand you right, this is the sort of thing you need.

In Maple this is the logic

where I have given two forms of the equation to compare.

In Maple T.A. if you create the algorthm as


you can use a Maple-graded answer box and use maple-syntax with text entry. Then the grading code would be


You can download a demo of this question from this link.

Here is how I would create this question.

Create a Question Designer question. In the Algorithm enter

$TA = maple("x[A,2] + x[B,2] + x[C,2] <= 110");

Use a Maple-graded answer box with Maple syntax in symbolic mode. For the answer use $TA

In the grading code use


str := $RESPONSE;
ta := $TA;
ans := solve(str);
sol := solve(ta);
sol := map(proc (x) options operator, arrow; expand(convert(convert(x, rational), expln)) end proc, {sol});
ans := map(proc (x) options operator, arrow; expand(convert(convert(x, rational), expln)) end proc, {ans}); evalb(`and`(sol = ans, sol <> {}))


This can be entered in symbolic mode as 

x[A,2] + x[B,2] + x[C,2] <= 110

If you just write in the algorithm section


$dd1 = "&Sigma;";

$dd2 = "&alpha;";


Refresh the algorithm preview. It should show you a greek Capital sigma and lower case alpha below the algorithm section.


Then in the drop-down list you put $dd1 and $dd2 as the item choices, this should work.

Let me know if this solves the problem.



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