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These are questions asked by karamand

Hi evryone.

Does anyone have experience on what is the best format to export an entire worksheet (code and graphics) out of Maple. I tried all different formats but none comes even close to being publication quality.

thanks a lot

Hi everybody:

was wondering if someone could help me figure out what change took place in Maple 16 so that the expression shown below does no longer work


It worked OK until 15



consider f=f(z)

whereby z=Complex(x,y)

how do you find diff(f(z),z)?

thanks in advance

Hi everybody:

I have a couple questions regarding tables in Maple 15.

a) For the most part, when you want to resize a table you grab the rightmost boundary and slide the cursor to the left or to the right as you wish. I have come across many situations in which the movement to the left is resticted. In other words, you can not make the table smaller than a certain size. I wonder if anyone knows what controls the minimum size. I don't seem to recognize the cause and effect relationship.

Hi everybody:

I am having problems with the expression shown below.

X[1](s) = (s^2+2)*s/(1+s^4+3*s^2);

Specifically, when I try to find the inverse of the Laplace transform I get

x[1](t) = (1/10)*(sum((_alpha^2+4)*exp(_alpha*t), _alpha = RootOf(1+_Z^4+3*_Z^2)));

which obviously is not what I am looking for. Realizing that the problem must be the denominator I try to factor it using the factor command. That does not work either. If I do the factoring myself, that is

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