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@Carl Love thank you for your help, I was just informed that the professor sent the wrong values so it was wrong from the beginning and he didn’t give all the necessary things to do this. I’m glad I wasn’t crazy because I couldn’t figure it out, thank you again! 

is(X^(1/18.), integer);
This is what I got from doing it your way but it doesnt seem to help since I cant factor my number easily, I have already used ifactor and it does not work. From this though I guess I can assume that e=18?

@Carl Love 

thank you, that’s where I’m confused because I’m supposed to find the m and e from the encryptions of the three messages and I don’t know how to go from there

@Carl Love no, unfortunately not. I was only given that file, the remainders are the C1, C2, and C3 values and I converted those into hex form because I was told to do that but I don’t know if that is at all useful.

@Carl Love 

thank you for the responses. Hopefully I can figure something out!

@Carl Love This is all that was given and I have found the m^e which is the message to the exponent, X in the worksheet. I know m^e mod N1•N2•N3 = m^e and m^e mod N1 = C1, m^e mod N2 = C2, and m^e mod N3 = C3. 


thanks for the help, all I needed was help with the product that’s why I put the hint.


I posted the questions because I can’t figure out how to do them, gets frustrating when all you see is error

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