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here I have 2 sums what shall I do:




I'll try but how about the sum is there need for it .

evalf(sum(alpha1(r)*exp(x*r), r = RootOf(_Z^3 + x*_Z + y)))

>restart; assume(x,real):assume(y,real):

>c:=(y^2)/2*(1+2*n-2*cos(phi))+(7+2*n)*(m^2+6): # coefficients of the function g.



#n,phi,m input parametrs

>sol:=evalf(solve(g(r),r)): r:=array([],1..3): r[1]:=sol[1];r[2]:=sol[2];r[3]:=sol[3]; #r are roots of g(r)



>f:(x,y)->patt1:# I just type part of the function


So, I plot the above function in three dimentional it works for some paramers.

Then I tried to put the function in 2 loops and point the data  as:

for ii from 1 to 100do:
for II from 1 to 100do:
and then i put the all functions above


surfdata(pts,axes=boxed,style=patch,color=gray,grid=[60,60],shading = zgrayscale,tickmarks=[3,3,3],orientation=[-105,66]);

but i'm not sure  the points are in correct way.

where r[i] are r1,r2 and r3 are roots of cubic eq. so i need it in f(x,y)=...+sum(alpha1(r[i])*exp^(x*r[i]),i=1..3)

The function I got contains exp([r[i]*x)

for the first code

Can I use random generate instead of the loops where:

-10<x<10 and .1<y<10

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