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i am solving for a system of df eq's, but the eq's have these little tricky integrals inside it either retards operation or no solutoin can be found...They look like...


B_12:=(10*a_2*a_3)*(u/( ((10^2+u)^(3/2)) * ((a_2^2+u)^(3/2)) * ((a_3^2+u)) )):

B_122:=(10*a_2*a_3)*(u/( ((10^2+u)^(3/2)) * ((a_2^2+u)^(5/2)) * ((a_3^2+u)) )):
B_123:=(10*a_2*a_3)*(u/( ((10^2+u)^(3/2)) * ((a_2^2+u)^(3/2)) * ((a_3^2+u)^(3/2)) )):
My problem looks as follows................pts1FIXED comes from dsolved plots a empty figure...and i checked that l(the data pairs looks fine)..

for i from 1 to 450 do

end do:
l := [[t,Energy[t]] $t=1..450]:

I need some help...i need a solver using the Runge-Kutta method adaptive size control, to solve a sytem of 5 diff eq's, all of them are interlinked...




Say that dsolve numeric produces a results, called Solution, Now ex  solution(0)=1, and in general solution(t) can be evaluated, now, i want to use this, in E(t)=2*solution(t), in a plot, thus...


plot(E(t),t=0..100,....), but returns the error....

I am trying to solve a tricky system of diff eq....can somebody point me in the right direction, the error message is involved with the initial conditions..

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