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I'm currently an Electrical Engineer Student at Texas Tech University work on Pulse Power. I'm hoping that Maple will help me work with the math that I need to construct the systems I work on as well as play with more Math.

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That's much closer to what I am looking for.  We really need more of these with step by step explainations on how to create well rounded documents.  Also anyway to have Maple Editor restrict the document to A2 paper so we can format for print.


Sorry for the late response, I've been busy for the last week.

This doesn't actually cover the material that I was hoping for well.  I was hoping to find something that better explains how to create documents that look close to the examples displayed in the Engineering Portal.

Though the help documents are useful sometimes they require more information to really understand.  Take for example the help document about Document Blocks.  Though I am told that you may format it such that you hide out parts of the equations, I haven't been able to succeed in doing this since the setup for this is not explained before entering into the menu system.

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