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Thanks Joe. The last three suggestions all worked. I'm still trying to comprehend the principle at work here however. Why is it that when I try this: plot(T(.5, r), r = .3 .. .4) ..Maple interprets r as a symbolic argument (if I'm understanding you)? Whereas x is not a symbolic argument in a simple procedure call like this: plot(sin(x), x = 0 .. 2*Pi) Mystery aside, thanks to both of you. It would have taken me a long time to figure this all out, and now I know how to make what I want happen.
Thanks Jacques! Your solution worked and allowed me to define T(w,r). Equations are indeed not points (although the RHS of an equation in MAPLE does become a point!). However when I try to plot one of these new functions, say how the optimal T changes as a function or r for w=0.5 held constant or T(0.5,r), Maple complains: plot(T(0.5, r), r = 0.3 .. 0.4); Error, (in Optimization:-NLPSolve) unable to execute seq T(0.5,0.3) and T(0.5,0.4) evaluate and are well defined, and all the points in between should be OK as well. Any ideas as to what might be going wrong? Thanks again for your suggestions. Jonathan P.S -- By the way, I have many Mathcad worksheets with (considerably more convoluted) maximization problems similar to this and plot the solutions easily. The mathcad code needed to do was something like this is very compact: S(w,r):=Maximize(Profit,T,L) T(w,r):=Soln(w,r)_0 L(w,r):=Soln(w,r)_1 and then just plot T(0.5,r)
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