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Thanks.  So it looks like on Windows these files are consistently on the large end after Maple 18.  

@Preben Alsholm 

OK so like the other response these files seems consistently large on Windows.  Thanks. 

@Carl Love  It started out as a curiosity.  It does make the LaTeX preview in TeXShop slow down which is an irritation. It might be a pain on the publishing end. Probably too large to email althoug there are lots of ways to deal with that and many journals just do an upload anyway. In practice I got my colleague to generate the pictures and we used those.  So mostly curiousity. 

@Mac Dude thanks for the thoughts.  I've looked at the file with BBEdit.  It starts out like other eps files I look at.  Not sure how I would tell if it had an embedded bitmap. 

For what it's worth I have 11 still installed as well. I bought 12 but I thought I would leave 11 on until I am sure 12 is working as having something work during a demo to 320 first years is not good :-( Michael
I just updated to Maple 12 and have the same problem. Did you find a solution ? Thanks - Michael MacBook, 2.2 GHz, 4gb RAM, 250 GB hard disk, Mac OS X 10.5.4
I found 10.05 and reinstalled and then reinstalled 10.06 and Help is back. Michael
It's there now. I downloaded it this am via VersionTracker. Seems pretty quick on my new black MacBook. I updated the previous version 10 and it still shows the application in Get Info as PowerPC and last years date for creation ? Its 10.04 when I do About ... in the application. Anyone know what that is about. Thanks - Michael
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