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In relation with the following code and its respective output:

I want get an output in wicht left side of equalitys be expressed in radical terms and not in terms of trigonometric expressions. I tried convert(expr, radical), but the result is not that I want. Could someone help me please? Also I want to know if exists a method to avoid hardcoding list of the forloop other than [seq(i, i = 1..5)];

Thank you for helping me;
Lic. Marcus Vinicio Mora Salas;
postgraduate student in University of Costa Rica

Do someone tell me how can I solve this exersise using a created procedure? Also I would like to know if using a procedure is useful and if in that form code lines will be reduce. If procedures are not useful. What is the best aproach?

Here the exercise and the code:

Before to begin to learn Maple, I used to do math with python. I usually built function and classes in order to reduce code lines and to generalize the problem, but I don't know if this aproach is useful with Maple. In fact, I have another question. Is it possible to write in a document some codeblocks using Maple and another using python? If answer is yes, how can I do it?

Thank you for helping me;
Lic. Marcus Vinicio Mora Salas

Hello, I am new with Maple. I am using because I am taking a course in my college where I need it. I have the following problem: How it can be seen in image, code is not been adecuatelly executed, because I need numerical values at output. I think this problem is because a configuration issue, but I am not sure.

How can I restore default configuration in order to try a solution for this issue?

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