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@Joe Riel Thanks.

Suppose I want to create a factor table for some function say f(n)=n! if I proceed as


               for j from 1 to 50 do R:= sort(map2, 1, ifactors(f(j))[2])):  sort(ifactor(f(j)),map(",R)); end do

several issues arise

a) It looks like I am doubling the effort for calling ifactor and ifactors. am I right? Can it be avoided?

b) I cannot supress the output that produces the bases!

c) The centered-adjusted printing of output distracts from easy tracing of outputs. Can the output be left-adjusted?

I use Maple 11 and I get

Error, invalid arguments to sort

Is there an older alternate. Thanks

@Joe Riel  I get 

Error, `InertForm` does not evaluate to a module

I am using Maple 11 this could be a version issue?


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