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Download the .mw to see the commands used to plot the histogram. They don't show up in the rendering embedded in the above post for some reason.

I haven't see the 'xcoords' option before. Yes, that's exactly what I was going for. Thanks for the response. @tomleslie 

Invaluable Response Thank You@Scot Gould 

@mmcdara This is good to keep in mind!  I wondered how far I'd get with csv. 

The data set I am working with is a csv file.  Is there a way to convert it into a binary format? convert(n,binary) ?  I wasn't sure when to do the conversion.  Do I:

1.  Import the data as a csv, then convert to binary and proceed with manipulations?  Seems non-ideal because I still have to use the csv at the start.  Not sure.
2. Somehow convert it to binary before it is imported?  Or at the import stage?  Not sure.

@acer Yes the datatable method was what I had in mind.  Thank you very much.  Your response is much appreciated.

Lesson:  Importing string columns takes longer than importing plain numerics.  This kind of solves my speed issue however my question still stands.  Can I save imported data variables into the worksheet so I don't have reduently call importdata when troubleshooting.

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