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Are the numbers you want to handle only positive integers? Or floats? Just positive integers to start but eventually I'd like to handle floats.

How large are the numbers you want to handle? Anywhere from 0 to 10^6, in base 10.

How many number do you want to handle? 1-1000 How fast do you need it? Not fast. The goal is exploratory at this stage.

I like the ilog10 method for positive integers.

@acer Ah ok the auto-simplification was thwarting me. These are all great solutions thanks!

@Carl Love It appears that background = white by default. If you omit it and export the image you still get a plot with a white background...

It means to have nothing there, when you are viewing the image. Transparency is not a color, so no color entered will produce the desired result.

I wonder if there is a special way to specify no background when generating a plot and/or exporting an image. I imagine others have tried to export plot or images without backgrounds before. I only found one post that bough it up during my search.

Yes in the context of exporting plots. I usually export them in png.

Download the .mw to see the commands used to plot the histogram. They don't show up in the rendering embedded in the above post for some reason.

I haven't see the 'xcoords' option before. Yes, that's exactly what I was going for. Thanks for the response. @tomleslie 

Invaluable Response Thank You@Scot Gould 

@mmcdara This is good to keep in mind!  I wondered how far I'd get with csv. 

The data set I am working with is a csv file.  Is there a way to convert it into a binary format? convert(n,binary) ?  I wasn't sure when to do the conversion.  Do I:

1.  Import the data as a csv, then convert to binary and proceed with manipulations?  Seems non-ideal because I still have to use the csv at the start.  Not sure.
2. Somehow convert it to binary before it is imported?  Or at the import stage?  Not sure.

@acer Yes the datatable method was what I had in mind.  Thank you very much.  Your response is much appreciated.

Lesson:  Importing string columns takes longer than importing plain numerics.  This kind of solves my speed issue however my question still stands.  Can I save imported data variables into the worksheet so I don't have reduently call importdata when troubleshooting.

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