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"A map that tried to pin down a sheep trail was just credible,

 but it was an optimistic map that tried to fix a the path made by the wind,

 or a path made across the grass by the shadow of flying birds."

                                                                 - _A Walk through H_, Peter Greenaway


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Aren't the acceptance numbers for various badges just way too high? Mapleprimes has only had 2 (one each) Good Posts at this date. And no Good Answers or Great ones of either type. But that's clearly not right, as the new site has had lots of great posts and answers. This same issue was raised long ago, and the admin response of long ago was that it would be revisited.

And there...

There are a few ways to view the source of a Maple procedure, such as by using the commands  showstat and print. And these work as usual for the exports of a module. But for procedures which are declared as local to a module these methods do not work right away since by default modules' contents are opaque.

One way around this is to change a setting, by issuing kernelopts(opaquemodules=false) prior to attempting...

Reputation plots seem to be broken at this time. There are just blank spaces, on pages where they'd normally appear.

I suggest that, if possible, the database or site-crawling used for Mapleprimes Searches not store pages ending in "/feed". It just adds to the chaff in search results.

I'd submit this as a Software Change Request, if there were a Mapleprimes checkbox on the form.

Many badges on this site will not get used for years if not decades, given the trends to date in site participation.

The suggestion has been made before. Why not rethink the criteria?

On a related note, I wonder how this Post became the first (and so far only) one to get over 1000 distinct views. (Was it imported into the "new V.2 of Mapleprimes from one of the separate and...

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