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"A map that tried to pin down a sheep trail was just credible,

 but it was an optimistic map that tried to fix a the path made by the wind,

 or a path made across the grass by the shadow of flying birds."

                                                                 - _A Walk through H_, Peter Greenaway


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Are the following paragraphs from the new Mapleprimes Style Guide supposed to contain marked up 2DMath or interpreted Maple result, because right now they don't.


"For example, if you enter <maple>x^2/y^2</maple> you will get this image: x^2/y^2

Any Maple syntax will appear, so you can get complicated and enter this: <maple>sum(cos(x^2)/sin(exp(y)),x=1..infinity)</maple>
which then appears as this image: sum...

I just finished submitting an SCR: the link to spec_eval_rules at the bottom of the ?procedure help page doesn't work in the Online Help (it works in Maple itself, though). And I can't get ?spec_eval_rules to work directly, either, in the Online Help.

Also I was wondering, how about a badge for a certain number of SCRs?

It's now possible to get a list of all posts with a given tag. Simply click on that tag from the tags page.

And we can use the Search box at that page.

But how can we do "advanced" searches, for combinations of tags built up with not/and/or, etc?

Sorry, if it's obvious.

When trying to access beyond the first page of results for a given tag I get a 404 page-not-found error.

"No one has posted an comment to this post yet.." has a spelling mistake.

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