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The docs say that you can assign initial values to a record as shown in this screenshot:

I would expect the last two lines of output to be 1, 2. The slighly more complicated example in the docs does not work as expected either. This is the worksheet:

I can assign to a record subsequently, but that makes for very prolix code,

Thanks for any help.

Following creates a list of 10 numbers 1..10:

  L := []; for i from 1 to 10 do L := [op(L), i] end do;

Now suppose I have equations labelled (1) ... (10). Can I place these equations into a list by some analogy of the above code using the label references?



From  time to tiime Malel emits a sort of "Boiing" noise when I make a keyboard error. I am not sure exaclty when it does this, but it is loud. Is it possible to turn it off? I have looked quite extensively and cannot find out anything.

I want ot replace the free variable introduced by the BackwardsSubstitution procedure with a number. But though the variable looks like x1 I think it must be something else.


I have a worksheet that illustrates a problem I have, How do I make this worksheet available on Mapleprimes?

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