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@Kitonum this works, thank you.

In fact in Non-executable math mode typing `≈ causes Maple to replace the text with the symbol. The leading ` can then be removed.

Incidentally my common symbols palette does not include the approximate equality symbol (Maple 2022.2)

I wonder if these codes are listed anywhere? 

PS Restaring Maple and the approximate equality symbol appears.

@acer  Many thanks. In fact following your post I changed the 2D input style to use a smaller font  This is OK as I am, not using 2D input regularly now because some features of Maple 2019 don't work with it (e.g. ,=). Still, it would be nice to be able explicitly set the font for tabulate. The picture is what I was getting before the change:

@Carl Love Thank you. I need some new glasses .....


A function added to write to terminal or file without a newline append. In fact define Write exactly as WritleLine but no newline appended.

@Preben Alsholm Yes that's the sound.

@mehdi jafari Yes, I can do that. But first I thought I would check whether Maple had a switch for sound.

@Carl Love  Another upload .. *.mw file this time.  But you have solved the problem. I was trying x__1 and x[1] works.

@Carl Love Thank you - I have uploaded my  file as you described. Actually what I wanted to do was to show the content of the file rather than just link to it - and the green arrow appeared to lead to this option but in the end I had to "insert link". The file was a *.maple file.

@acer Well that worked. I have experimented with that toggle before but without success presumably because I sel;ected the wrong bits. I'll note that the inverse to this operation seems to be Edit->Document Blocks-> Show Command. It is complicated but you have certainly helped - many thanks

@Joe Riel  Thanks. Have to be careful not to select text entries I think as they don't seem to convert back. It's a bug really :-(

I export the graphic and open in Photoshop Elements 15. There it is trivial to resize the "canvas" leaving the image the same so I can add annotations. The thing is I am sure I read somewhere on Mapleprimes a way to do this. But likely I was wrong. But it seems I was wrong.

@taro  you are right and thanks for posting.  Here is a screenshot which shows also that references recover the original value (which is what I did wrong)


@acer  yes that is what I asked for, thanks for your trouble.  But Maple will not produce LaTeX for the inert form. Or will it?



@rlopez First thanks for taking the trouble about this - much appreciated. I am using Maple 2016.1.

I don't know how I managed to insert subscripts and superscripts (and use the palette) while ctrl+space and Esc failed to work with "sqrt". One thing, as a novice user the situation in the picture might have something to do with it:

Here I have opened a text box and selected 2D Input but 'Text' instead of 'Math' mode. But this stops all math typesetting.

@rlopez Yes that is better.  Usually "sqrt ctrl+space" produces a radical sign but this does not seem to work when adding in this context.

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